Coaxial tubes IHX

Internal Heat Exchanger Tubes (coaxial tubes) IHX coaxial tube

Due to their manifold variation possibilities in diameter, material combinations and protrusion lengths, coaxial tubes are indispensable as inner heat exchangers in the areas of HVAC&R and automotive industries. Coaxial tubes have been used as fullfeatured extrusions for years. Our R&D achievement: the tube-in-tube alternative, i.e. bigger protrusions, no contamination within the chambers during end machining, and different combinations of materials, for inner as well as for outer tubes. Number and width of bridges, lengths and outer tube diameter can be varied.

  • burr and chip free manufacture of connections, compared to the extrusions used so far
  • burr and chip free longitudinal chambers
  • low wall thickness eccentricity, hence better connections
  • inner cleanliness
  • usage of the established connections, such as SAE or other formed geometries in lengths from 100 mm to 4.000 mm
  • variable lengths of protrusions up to about 2.500 mm
  • different combinations of aluminium alloys possible e.g. inner aluminium tube EN-AW5049, outer aluminium tube EN-AW3103
  • highly bendable

Besides the assembled coaxial tube as IHX (integrated heat exchanger) we also offer the outer profile and inner tube as seperate parts. Cut, de-burred and cleaned - ready for use.

For more informations like sizes and material combinations please see our Datasheet "Coaxial-Tubes" in the  download-area.



Coax profile + S-COT®

Tube-in Tube with an electrical-galvanic separation!coax profile + S-Cot

A new combination when an electrical separation and insulation of two liquid circuits is needed. The combination of an S-COT® aluminium tube as inner tube and a coaxial profile aluminium tube as outer profile enables new applications when both circuits must be electrically isolated. This can be a requirement, for example, in the aviation sector.

Tests have shown that with our unique assembly process of the two tubes the PA12 layer of the S-COT ® pipe is not damaged. This keeps the positive properties of S-COT ® coating such as corrosion resistance and electrical insulation.

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