S-Cot aluminium tube; PA12 coated tubes

S-COT® PA12 coated aluminium tubes

S-COT® – The combination of precision drawn aluminium tube and a thin polyamide coating has been successfully used in the automotive industry for more then ten years. This generation of tubes offers new possibilities for demanding applications. The abrasion-proof polyamide 12 (PA12) coating endures the most difficult forming processes. S-COT® aluminium tubes allow a variety of forming processes and connecting geometries for tube and hose connections including system connectors like the SAE quick connector.

High viscosity, excellent anti-friction properties and the light weight of aluminium are only a few of the positive characteristics of the S-COT® aluminium tubes:


  • high chemical resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • abrasion-proof
  • impermeable
  • inner cleanliness
  • forming of ends with coating or peeled ends
  • easy printing on the tube
  • environmentally friendly

For more information please see the data sheet S-COT®.



S-Cot ESD aluminium tubeS-COT® ESD – The relative new development for PA12 coated tubes: a electrically conducting surface which e.g. ensures the  potential equalisation between fuel tank and engine. This eliminates the need for special removing the PA12 coating and attaching separate metal clamps. So the good corrosion protection of the PA12 coating is not damaged or opened up.


For more information please see the data sheet S-COT® or contact us.

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