Copper tubes

Copper Tubes

Being a comparatively soft metal, copper is mouldable, ductile and most of copper tubesall an outstanding thermal and electrical conductor. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity and its broad range of applications, copper has been an integral part of our product range for the electrical and sanitary industries for years.

It is also of importance in the automotive and HVAC&R fields.

Each year we produce more than 10.000 tube variants. With product innovations such as the "tube-in-tube" system and profiles, we offer our customers solutions in the most diverse industrial branches and for all kinds of tasks.

We deliver serial products with diameters ranging from 1 to 54 mm in large batches as well as individual solutions for single customers.

As coils or in straight lengths, in various hardness conditions and alloys, either round or inner, respectively outer, profiled – within the multitude of our tube variants you too will find the product suited to your needs.

For more informationen please see our data sheet copper.


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